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Company Name: Dongguan Qianhai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company Address: No. 82-88, Tianxin Industrial Zone, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City
Contact: Sun Hailong
Contact Phone: 0769-82823348 13622633356
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Shenzhen Longfukang Rubber Pad Products Factory
Zhejiang Longfukang 3M Foam Adhesive Products Factory
Ningbo rubber mat manufacturer
Huizhou transparent pad manufacturer
Dongguan Longfukang eva rubber pad factory
Qingdao Longfukang Anti-slip Adhesive Products Factory
Shenzhen Silicone Products Factory
Brushing Company
Integrated eco-friendly stove
鉭 capacitance
Furniture mats
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  ●Dongguan Qianhai Industrial Co., Ltd. ● is a professional production and sales of all kinds of non-slip mats, transparent mats | silicone mats | non-slip mats | transparent mats | rubber mats, transparent mats, rubber mats, silicone mats, EVA foam adhesive, 3M foam double-sided adhesive, rubber foam double-sided adhesive tape, 3M sponge double-sided adhesive, foam hook adhesive, EVA foam adhesive, reflective paper and other series of electronic and electrical accessories, etc. Rubber pad packaging products factory.      Dongguan Qianhai Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is the branch of Wuhan Longfukang Industrial Co., Ltd., the company pays special attention to the development of various mats, rubber pad products, and constantly study and study foreign technology. Introducing the most advanced production equipment from Germany, the company has a group of experienced management personnel and technical personnel. Each year, the company sends technicians to Germany to participate in technical training and technical exchanges, focusing on double-sided adhesive tape and silicone rubber...

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